Inspired Learning, Inspired Creative, Inspired CME Activities

Designing the learning objectives

With of all of the information and insights we’ve researched and identified, we’re prepared to thoughtfully design a learning program to prioritize and address specific, critical objectives:

  • What must be accomplished by the learning
  • How, specifically, we will reach our goals

The overarching purpose of Spire Learning is to deliver education that enhances the healthcare providers' knowledge, competence, performance and patient outcomes.

A program is designed with innovative content, formats and activities to:

  • Effectively address observed and perceived gaps in performance
  • Ensure that the information is clinically applicable and relevant
  • Inspire the learners to identify their own individual educational needs
  • Create motivation to learn
  • Allow self-directed learning
  • And make clear the path of change

We incorporate various levels of outcomes assessments, to measure the effectiveness and value of the learning experience, as well as to identify and refine future educational tactics.

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