We practice the art of communicating science Original Impactful Memorable

Inspired Programs

Every identified learning gap presents an opportunity to devise an original approach to present new and scientifically sound information to the medical professionals whose patients and practices benefit most. Spire programs are as varied and unique as the learning goals they are designed to meet.

Our capabilities include developing the following types of educational programs and activities:

  • Small-group, Case-based Learning
  • National Symposia
  • Regional Symposia
  • Live Webcasts
  • On-Demand Archived Webcasts
  • Several Day, Multi-track Conferences
  • Interactive Case Simulations
  • Teleconferences
  • Newsletters, Monographs
  • Physician-Patient Educational Programs

Inspired Creative

Often, the materials that are developed for educational events can be dry, vague and forgettable. At Spire, we pride ourselves on developing compelling graphics, with a relevant central theme that reinforces the learning and makes a Spire educational program distinguishable from all others.

From invite to website, we have it covered:

  • Design of invitations
  • Publicity and publications
  • Collateral to support every aspect of the program, workbooks to tent cards
  • Web-based design that eliminates pdf posting on site
  • Websites created internally and with reliable web-technologists when necessary

Inspired Planning

Seamlessly choreographed Spire programs reflect the quality of planners and on-site staff with experience and agility. Experience tells us to pay attention to every detail in advance. Precision requires a devotion to details that makes it all “look” easy. Agility comes with the confidence of knowing for every problem, there’s a solution.

We organize and execute the critical details that allow sponsors, faculty and participants to be undistracted and truly present for the learning event:

  • Venue selection and negotiation
  • Securing accommodations and on-site facilities and services
  • Faculty travel and transportation
  • Meeting logistics
  • Technology oversight and problem-solving
  • Scheduling and facilitation of faculty planning calls and virtual slide reviews